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Connecting Innovators to Decision Makers:

Creating Pathways for Diverse Suppliers and Empowering Employees to Drive Innovation

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Diverse Suppliers + Vendors

Looking to grow with corporate clients? Curious about government contracts? Build your PROPOSAL TOOLKIT with your peers. Sign-up today!

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Corporate Intrapreneur

Have 20+ employees? Empower them to share their innovative ideas in 60-Seconds with our training workshop.

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At Plan with Peers, we specialize in
transforming diverse suppliers into key players and corporate employees into influential innovators.

Our training programs educate AND create pivotal introductions to decision-makers,
turning the challenge of hearing a "YES" into partnership opportunities.

Training to Conquer Business Growth Goals

Diverse Supplier Training

60-Sec Intro Videos

Designed for Diverse Suppliers

Elevate your pitch! Learn to showcase your value to buyers in 60 seconds. Clear, concise techniques to impress corporate and government buyers. Capture attention with our expert-led workshop.

Supplier Diversity Training

Capability Statements

Designed for Diverse Suppliers

Fast-track to eligibility! Learn to craft a winning Capability Statement for government and corporate contracts in our workshop. This document is crucial to landing that first meeting.

Intrapreneur Training

GUIDED 4 Steps to a Yes

Designed for Corporate Employees

Discover inefficiencies in your organization by asking employees to share their innovative ideas. Sponsor a training where affinity groups learn a framework to pitch solutions.

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Schedule a discovery call

Supplier Diversity Teams + Primes: Meet your diverse spend goals faster with group training. Contact us for sponsorship packages.

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Diverse Suppliers and Small Businesses

Our proven specialized training educates AND facilitates direct connections with decision-makers. Visit our store to learn with your peers.

"Best in class training." - Tony Billinger, Supplier Diversity, Walgreens
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Supplier Diversity and Primes

We create a more inclusive, innovative, and efficient corporate marketplace by automating outreach and onboarding of diverse suppliers..

"I have know Melanie for many years and have been impressed with her books." - Scott Vowels, PhD, Supplier Diversity, Apple
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Corporate Intrapreneur

Retain employees. Discover efficient solutions.

Sponsor GUIDED 4 Steps to a Yes workshop to teach employees a framework to pitch their ideas to management. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) and HR teams and Business Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) - learn more. 

STORE | Training

Our classes are hosted on GUIDED Academy's platform

60-Sec Intro Videos - Register
  • Craft the perfect 60-second video to get corporate buyers to take notice of your services

  • Stand out from the competition with a professional and creative introduction

  • Boost credibility and trustworthiness in the marketplace

  • Increase chances of closing deals with an engaging video tailored for corporate buyers
Register for GUIDED AI workshop - Los Angeles
  • Discover fast and effective ways to leverage AI for your small business

  • Automate tedious tasks and free up valuable time

  • Reduce reliance on expensive contractors

  • Utilize modern technology to gain a competitive edge in the market
Work with water utilities
  • Gain an overview of how procurement works in the water industry

  •  Discover contracting opportunities with this underutilized tool

  •  Learn how to use 3 tools to find forecasted projects

  •  Work with your peers - leave with clear next steps
Enroll in 3-mo course to compete for contracts in the water industry
  • Learn how to successfully engage with decision makers in the water industry

  • Leverage your products and services in a state that spends over $300 million annually with diverse vendors

  • Receive personalized strategies to develop relationships with utility companies

  • Utilize our expertise to communicate your value within the water sector
Government contracting - create a Capability Statement
  • Gain clarity and confidence about the value your business offers

  • Develop a powerful Capabilities Statement to stand out from the competition

  • Increase opportunities to find new customers or partners who will hire you

  • Create content that resonates with your target audience, resulting in increased sales
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Buyers give you about 10 seconds. If the message is not clear, they keep it moving. Accelerate your proposal toolkit. Work with our guides to create your:

  • Capability Statement

  • Script for a 60-Sec Intro Video

  • Intro Email

  • Keyword Out Your Vendor Profile

  • Finding Opportunities

Register for 60-min ESG workshop for diverse suppliers
  • Gain an understanding of what's at stake for your business

  • Learn about the 5 statements that should be part of your proposal toolkit

  • Create a paragraph statement for Continuity, Sustainability and Social

  • Access resources that detail industry standards
Register for ESG workshop for supplier diversity - immersive
  • Build trust with buyers by showing your commitment to sustainability

  • Outshine other proposals and stand out in Fortune 500 companies

  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements for ESG initiatives

  • Identify new business opportunities with an introduction to ESG requirements

Work one-on-one with Melanie Rae

Learn Canva from an excerpt in small businesses
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Learn how to use now Content Blocks from an expert
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Learn how to create your own online course from an expert instructional designer
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Diverse suppliers - learn how to create a 60-second intro video
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Sponsor learning events for diverse suppliers!

Contact us to create a customized sponsorship package.